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Mark Zuckerberg to demo Al butler in September Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg has been aspiring to build an assistant like ‘Jarvis from Iron Man’ since quite some time now. As ambitious as this project sounds, he and his team has been at it since last year. It seems like it will finally be taking place. Zuckerberg announced on Monday that he hopes to finally demo a butler powered by artificial intelligence next month.

order cialis overnight delivery “One of the challenges was to build an AI system to help me control my home and my work, and the other was to run an average of one mile a day. It turns out that one of those challenges was a lot easier than the other,” Zuckerberg said in a town hall event in Italy.

source link He further added that he has successfully programmed his Al butler to open the gate to his house by simply scanning his face. He can also control the lights inside and adjust the temperature using his voice.

buy cheap clomid online He wishes to build an assistant that would let him control music, lights and temperature in his house using nothing but his voice. We can only wait and watch for Zuckerberg’s vision to unfold.