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Android 8.1 Oreo seems to have got a new feature.

Periactin Pills For Cheap Thanks to Google, the latest feature displays the speed of public Wi-Fi networks before users connect to them and these ‘speed labels’ will only be seen on the devices which have an updated Android 8.1 Oreo version.

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buy viagra discrete england Even though the device will give users an approximate reading, accuracy is still something Google needs to work on. The speed has been categorised into four segments – ‘Slow’ (phone calls and text messages can be sent in this mode), ‘OK’ (surfing the web and streaming music is possible), ‘Fast’ (video streaming) and ‘Very Fast’ (HD videos can be streamed).

source link In the updated Android version, users will have to go to the Settings app and then access the Wi-Fi list. Then they need to give a preference about the connection which needs to be connected and then they can choose accordingly.

comment savoir si il prend du viagra And if users aren’t interested in using this feature, they also have an option to disable the same.

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