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Rio 2016 Olympics Village Voice: Of chasing stars stitching shower curtains and Dream Team’s dream villa

Even as the Olympic Village in Rio continues to face incessantly intense reproval, its population is rising by the hour. Diovan Espanol Online THE AUSTRALIANS have called it ‘not safe or ready’, the Swedes have already left in disgust, while the Greeks are calling it what else but a tragedy. Not to forget the Brits, who are carrying their own plumber, probably to deal with all the news regarding clogged toilets. Even as the Olympic Village in Rio continues to face incessantly intense reproval, its population is rising by the hour as athletes from around the world continue to make their way in. And while some are happy soaking in the more positive elements within the Village, others are discovering their own first-world issues to deal with.

go here follow No show for Pokemon Go Wait there’s no Pokemon Go in Rio. Or at least no Pokestops or monsters to catch, as New Zealand soccer star Anna Green and a host of others realized as soon as they checked in. The mobile game that has sent half the world on a literal wild goose chase is yet to be launched in Brazil. The athletes are taking it in their stride, and like Canadian Matthew Sarmento, are looking to make up by meeting new people. American javelin thrower, Kara Winger meanwhile was more worried about her TV shows and tweeted anxiously about whether she would have access to Netflix. The Olympians will have other attractions, from designated selfie spots to a non-stop supply of McDonald’s. And of course the 450,000 condoms on offer—including 100,000 of the female kind— which accounts to 42 per athlete which according to one athlete is “truly Olympian”. source link I spy with my star-struck eye

Olympic villages offer athletes a unique and exclusive chance to rub shoulders with some of the biggest names in the sports world, and make a memory out of it. And the Indian women’s hockey team made the most of their star-sighting, posing for pictures with Rafael Nadal. For good measure, their German counterparts were busy snapping pictures with Novak Djokovic. The Serbian tennis star in fact has been a busy man in terms of indulging the never-ending stream of Olympian shutterbugs. He’s been snapped with many ranging from the USA volleyball team and a Trinidadian sailor to some of his own compatriots. Wait till Usain Bolt gets here. Dare to Dance

As is the norm, every delegation is greeted to the village with a little welcome ceremony which sees samba dancers grooving to the local tunes. But it only prompted Malawi’s Kefasi Chitsala to break away from his contingent and show off his own moves. As it turned out, he ended up stealing the show and even triggered an impromptu dance party with even some of the volunteers joining in. Chitsala, who will compete in the 5000 m race, then unabashedly coined himself, “the greatest dancer at the Games”, a claim that couldn’t be debated on the basis of his maiden performance in Rio.

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It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the millionaire’s club of American sport, the basketball team, is not bothered about going anywhere close to the village. The Dream Team, as they are called, have instead chosen to put themselves up on a luxury cruise ship, ‘Silver Cloud’, which is anchored just off Rio. Each villa on the ship is supposed to cost nothing less than USD 20,000, short-change for the likes of Kevin Durant for sure.

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In contrast, the US gymnastics team is soaking in every bit of the Rio atmosphere, and based on their social media posts is loving the village atmosphere. When they haven’t been posing with the Cuban volleyball team or the Japanese men’s gymnastics team, they have been indulging in the oldest hobby of first-time Olympians, the exchange of lapel pins. It’s team captain Aly Raisman, who was at London 2012 as well, who’s leading the way on this front too, and declared herself as the ultimate Olympic pin-trader.

The Australians have not been shy about criticising the Olympic Village. But their key basketball player has chosen to vent out his frustration in a slightly different manner. Instead of joining the chorus, Andrew Bogut, who plays for Dallas Mavericks in the NBA, launched into a bitterly sarcastic tirade at the Olympic chiefs over the facilities provided to the athletes at the Village, calling it IOC’s ‘luxury lodging.’ Topping his list of gripes was the lack of a shower curtain and single beds which won’t be able to accommodate his 7-foot frame. The ‘cosy’ bedrooms too drew his ire. “At #IOCLuxuryLodging we believe a bed is not vital for sleep. Fine tuned athletes can sleep standing up,” he tweeted. When one follower jokingly suggested the IOC delegates and a few American counterparts were in similar lodging, Bogut retorted: “#IOCLuxuryLodging will not comment on our delegates penthouse villas in downtown Rio.” He then posted a picture of himself stitching a shower curtain. The NBA veteran has assured a lot more pictures during the course of the Games. Keep an eye out for #IOCLuxuryLodging.